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I maintain 3 different galleries in assocaiaton with where products can be bought.
They are -
talisbird - a gallery of surreal art
fractalart - a gallery devoted to fractal art
talisblood - collaborative work with artist sivablood.
links to the first 2 are on my home page. talisblood can be reached via talisbird.

High quality prints of selected works in addition to apparel, cards, mugs and other products can be obtained.

Some items on show there may not displayed on this site, so if you like my work it is well worth a visit as you could find something new to interest you.

Zazzle ships worldwide with a safe shopping guarantee.

If there is anything on this site that you would like to buy through my store but it is not already there, or you would like an item in an alternative form, contact me and I can arrange to place it in my store for purchase.