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July 2007

I have created a new gallery and store specialising in fractal art with the user name of fractalart at
A link to this can be found on my home page. The images can be viewed in large windows if desired, with detail views.

November 2006

I have introduced a free wallpaper gallery that showcases a mixture of 2D and 3D images including fractal input and digital painting.

A new direction for digital-art-ways alternative computer artist Anjo Lafin alias Talisbird. Most of my work involves only the occasional use of photographic elements, but in a new series I have used photography as a starting point.

The fountain Series is a set of images based on a seed photo of a fountain in the conservatory of the botanical gardens in Hobart, Tasmania. The original photo has been manipulated to create a mystical, surreal pageant of images. The effects used include photo collage, blending, lighting, gradient fill and one instance of zoom blurring.

The camera used was a FUJIFILM FinePIX E900. The software used in the manipulation process was Corel Painter 9.5.

See this series at my flickr Fountain series page