About Digital Art Ways

About Digital Art Ways.

The site is primarily a showcase for digitally produced art but other art forms are included. It is created in a spirit of celebration. Often the celebration is that of merely being human enough to attempt to explore the outposts of imagination just because it is feels like a joyful thing to do and does not hurt others. It is not afraid to pursue fun and escapism. The serious bits are in with the all sorts if you can find them.

The artist.

My web name is Anjo Lafin and I am the web master for this site as well as being the creator of its content amd images except where indicated.

I am fascinated by the idea of building images that attempt to convince, by means of visual excitement and a sense of drama and presence, that they belong to a universe with its own special rules. Sometimes the result is digital art as theatre. I hope that the images tease perception and recognition. The effects may be surreal, bizarre, weird, wacky and cover all moods. You may discover darkness here as well as beauty.

Hot gossip.

The following was posted by Matthew Oakes, the visual arts director of the 2005 Hobart Fringe Festival in connection with work exhibited.

The artist 'composes digital images of sublime beauty and detail. Each one seems to contain a universe of unique elements encompassing tangible spaces that appear to be complete worlds. These artificial environments also echo personal feelings as emotional landscapes.'

Some light relief.

If you have got this far you might like to look at a few distracting pictures that contain some personal elements.



The title refers to the door knocker. One day, on a country walk I spotted the lovely silver coloured fox nailed to a Kent country cottage door. I have no sentimentality about real foxes and I now live in Tasmania where they would pose an enormous threat to wild life. Still, I loved the door knocker. It appears again in Digital Gallery 2. I once had a golden monster attached to my front door. Probably the new owner of the house has removed him along with the once massive oak tree that is now a stump.

In stories foxes often show cunning and deception. This picture is full of deception. The most 'real' elements are those of the fox that is just being itself, and the 2 images of my hand. Everything else is manipulated in some way. Hands can fidget but they don't put on a lying smile for the camera.

My Feet.

An honest picture? You can make a stand on feet. Footwear courtesy of Unfashionable Sandals, right one adorned with a paint stain too small to see.

When feet feel like smiling they dance.
My feet
Balancing act

Balancing act.

This is more like business as usual, and I can forget the subject of my own extremities.